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Why we started the podcast?

As avid Podcast listeners we were struck by the fact that there are 1000s of podcasts out there speaking to seasoned business leaders and founders. They speak to the best of the best, individuals who have built multi-national organisations, businesses valued at billions, created world class teams, exited for millions and performed at the highest levels. These are the elite, the biggest names in the industry, the business people that everyone aspires to be. But what about Sally who has just started her craft business, or Bob that is in the process of launching an app, Michelle that Is questioning whether she made the right move to leave her well paid career to pursue her goal of working for herself? There are not many podcasts out there speaking to these early-stage founders, the Elon Musk’s, Steven Bartlett’s, the Oprah Winfrey’s and Gina Rinehart’s in the making. Both Sathish and I are embarking on our journey of entrepreneurship (Sathish on business number 4 and me on business number 1) and we wanted to speak to  founders, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals who, like us are feeling the anxiety, fear, exhilaration and adrenaline of pursuing our goal of building a business.

What can you expect?

YearOne offers a very transparent behind the scenes look at the lives of individuals who have decided to take the leap of faith and forge their own path in business. These are the risk takers, the trail blazers, the exceptional and ordinary people who are following their north star and making their dreams a reality.

We discuss the highs, the lows, and everything in between during these intimate conversations, leaving you with nuggets of advice, guidance, and inspiration.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, have just started your own business, thinking about bringing a co-founder on board, looking for some advice, or just interested in listening to the amazing stories of other entrepreneurs, then YearOne is for you.

Meet your hosts

Sathish is a seasoned entrepreneur, having successfully built and sold 3 tech companies during his career. He is a mentor, coach, investor and CEO/Founder of a number of companies including Schoolio, Desifest, Applaus Artists and Bala Group.

Deon has recently re-entered the world of entrepreneurship after having spent the last decade working for a boss. Although he has worked in start-ups, family-run businesses and large multinationals he has always had a side hustle, from a debt management agency to furniture upcycling and everything in between.


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season 1

Our Guests

On Season 1 we speak to the Founders and Co-Founders from the following amazing companies 
Ep 1 – Katch Media
Ep 2 – De Kabeza
Ep 3 – Jen-U-ine Conversations
Ep 4 – Daddy’s Digest
Ep 5 – OlySport
Ep 6 – Edinno
Ep 7 – Aflote
Ep 8 – Green Apple Gives
Ep 9 – ShopTHELNK.com
Ep 10 – Flowjin
season 2

Our Guests

Season 2 is off to an amazing start with an amazing line up of Founders and Co-Founders

Ep 11 – Transitional Forms
Ep 12 – LRNKEY.com
Ep 13 – Duga Digital
Ep 14 – Brazen Learning
Ep 15 – SimpleDirect
Ep 16 – The Collegiate Writer
Ep 17 – TruMath
Ep 18 – Cardiotrack
Ep 19 – Compawnion
Ep 20 – Blue Sky Analytical Labs

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